New Collection OSLO

The new collection OSLO is now available on all models and finishes.

OSLO offers endless furnishing solutions to youth rooms, as well as a wide range of closets, bookcases and folding beds.

Finishes: 4 woods, 21 plain textured colors and 6 fantasy designs.

With an opening system of doors Push (without handles), or with 16 models of handles in various finishes and colors of the collection OSLO.

If you want to consult OSLO digital catalog, it is now available on the part of catalogs in the main menu.

In Your Style you will see our proposals OSLO environments classified by the style of colors.


Physical documentation is already available to all our distributors, we have available catalog OSLO, the technical fees, and the samples of the finished boxes.


With OSLO, the ideas and imagination are infinite. The limits are up to you.


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