What's in?

Find us on the spanish magazine Hogares (#531, June 2013).

The Sliding bunk bed has been one of the most popular products of the Cromatic collection. In the article photograph is shown a bedroom with the bunk bed and the ways you can convert it. Apart from its functionality, it is a fun option for the most curious ones. It guarantees harmony and praticability. There are shown also other bed models which are simpler but nor less practical. From left to right, Train bunk bed, compact bed and youth bed. This images are found on the inside front cover.

Later in page 93 you can find an article which shows more copositions belonging to the Cromatic collection. It is attached a short text about what's in fashin nowadays in the Furniture World. On the youth furniture the modern and bare lines and keptm and so the light colors. Therefore the vivid colors are reserved for small details of the composition, such as a drawer, a wardrobe or the color of the wall.
In relation to materials, wood and laminations are combined. With regard to articles, the ones that stand out are wheeled modules because of their practicability and bookcases to mantain order.

In the image above you can observe a walk-in wardrobe, a curved desktop and a compact bed with drawers of different sizes.
In the image below there are Cube Box shelves, two modules with and without wheels, a pull-down bed, a corner wardrobe and a corner desktop.

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